Dermafusion …. Exclusive to this studio

Dermafusion is the infusion of specifically selected interactive ingredients, which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing.  Additionally, clients who need specific help for a variety of conditions e.g. skin problems, acne, open pores, uneven skin tones and pigmentation, preventing the formation of line and wrinkles etc.  The unique gentle micro pulses of the Dermafusion facial treatment will successfully achieve twice the penetration of the selected mask in half the time of other conventional facial routines.  Dermafusion is backed by 32 years of expert research and development in the world on advanced anti-ageing technology.

Don’t let your skin hold you back.  The answer to achieve and maintain a younger looking skin is here.  The effectiveness of Dermafusion is recognised by skincare experts and beauty professionals.  Specific active ingredients work in synergy with the skin to successfully treat and reverse the tell-tale signs of ageing including the diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles.  Choose from the following or ask for professional advice on treatment choice.  Bespoke facials are also carried out to get the best results.  Cost will be dependent on treatment.

CAVIAR – preventing lines & wrinkles

MATCHA – tighten, hydrate, moisture

COLLEGEN – the definitive anti-ageing facial

BOFUSION – prevents the sings of ageing

PHYTO-ESTROGEN – prevents collagen loss

RADIANCE – brightening & balancing


REJUVENTATION – ginseng & peppermint

BIO-BALANCING – problem skin

NEUVODERM – ultimate anti-ageing

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